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Welcome To Paintbox Inc.

Paintbox Inc. offers a colourful solution for your home. Our goal is to transform your space into a warm and inviting place where you can do what you’re supposed to do in your home: Live comfortably.

Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Paintbox has been providing custom home painting and décor with eco-friendly products. Our clients know that when they allow us to provide custom home painting, they are getting more than a quality paint job; they are getting an experience.

For 25 years, Paintbox has been serving Toronto and its neighbouring communities with a paintbrush and a smile. Since our humble beginnings in 1991 when we started our family-owned and operated custom painting business, our focus has been on quality and customer service. Whether you’re looking for a simple one-room renovation or to have your entire home transformed, we are a full-service interior and exterior painting company that specializes in customization. From Oakville to Vaughan and on beyond Richmond Hill, Paintbox offers great quality, priced right.

Besides traditional homes, we can update condos, places of worship and office spaces. Our 5 Step Process transforms any living or workspace from underwhelming to absolutely stunning. We work with you (and your imagination) to bring dynamic colour and style to every room in your place. Your imagination has no limits, and neither do we! We will create a personalized look for your space so unique that it will be worthy of appearing on the pages of a high-end design magazine.

If you need a little push, we can provide guidance and let you know what colours will really make your space pop. Or if you’re looking for a more subdued colour scheme, we are adept at crafting masterful designs that suit every client’s needs. Our design professionals can help you select a colour palette and guide you towards the latest architectural finishes that can transform even the dreariest of rooms into dramatic spaces. If you are already using the services of a design professional but wish to add us to your roster, our team of painters will work closely with your stylists to make your space unique.

Our love of nature plays and important role in the design process because exquisiteness shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. Your home can be beautiful without sacrificing its air quality. We offer a full range of sustainable products from our paints, varnishes and stains that are environmentally friendly. We feel it is vital that we do not compromise the wellbeing of the planet during the design process and after it has been completed. Our clients and the Earth can breathe easy since our products meet LEEDS environmental standards!

Furthermore, we respect your budget and will work within it to ensure your needs are not only met, but exceeded. Just because we use environmentally sound products, doesn’t mean they have to cost more than your house itself! Paint may start here, but it ends in your space. Bring stunning design and brilliant colour home today with Paintbox Inc.


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