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Residential & Commercial Painting Services Woodbridge / Vaughan

Bringing Professional Interior and Exterior Painting Services to Woodbridge and Vaughan

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to those living in the growing communities of Woodbridge and Vaughan.

The history of Vaughan and its neighbourhood of Woodbridge reflects that of many southern Ontario communities – going from farming communities to bustling and modern urban areas, complete with an explosive growth in housing and families.

Vaughan is also a major municipality that specializes in heritage and culture – and of course, just plain fun. The attractions range from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, one of the biggest art galleries in the province featuring works from key Canadian artists such as the Group of Seven, to the family-friendly theme park thrills of Canada’s Wonderland.

Vaughan’s modern history as a major residential community has also seen it produce famous celebrities, such as comedian Russell Peters and cosmetics icon Elizabeth Arden. Woodbridge, meanwhile, contains some of the most expensive houses in the Greater Toronto Area, and is no slouch when it comes to family-friendly attractions. One standout is the Woodbridge Village Farmer’s Market, which offers a bounty of locally made foods and delicacies.

Vaughan Mills is one of Canada’s premier shopping malls and offers over 200 retail stores, activities, outlets and restaurants. The next time you’re at the shopping centre updating your wardrobe, think about updating other areas of your life. Does your home need to be updated? When was the last time you had your home painted?

Updating your home can take work. This work is best left up to professionals like Paintbox because, well, it’s what we do! We are commercial painting contractors that offer painting services for office spaces, residential homes and retail stores. We can transform your old house into your dream home and update your office so that your employees will love coming to work everyday. Paintbox has a line of environmentally-friendly products that won’t interfere with the air we breathe. Our green primers and paints come in all your favourite colours and shades, and work just as well, or even better, than most traditional products.

Consider letting Paintbox take care of all your painting needs! We can update every room in your house, or just one. No matter the size of the paint job at hand, we will update your space and take it from plain to gorgeous!


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