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Residential & Commercial Painting Services Scarborough

External and Internal Professional Painting in Scarborough

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to residents of Scarborough, a bustling east-end Toronto neighbourhood and former municipality.

Scarborough may be part of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, but it has a long history as an independent municipality that grew from a cluster of small villages to a large city in its own right. Scarborough is now a part of the City of Toronto, which it was folded into in 1998. Scarborough is not only known for its greenspaces, but is also a major magnet for newcomers to Canada, boasting a high level of diversity.

One feature that sets Scarborough apart from other areas of Toronto and the surrounding municipalities is its high density of parks and outdoor recreation facilities – earning it the title of the greenest community in Toronto. Two standout natural amenities are the iconic Scarborough Bluffs, which inspired visitors from all over to enjoy its beauty, and the camping-friendly destination of Rouge Park.

The homes in Scarborough range from low-rises to multi-storey apartment complexes, from condominiums to semi-detached houses, to townhouses and bungalows. Basically, if it’s considered a dwelling, you can find it here with a family inside. Scarborough offers the perfect place to raise a family due the aforementioned green areas, wonderful population diversity, and close proximity to Toronto where most of the community’s residents work.

The low-rises houses that line Scarborough streets need proper care. If you own or manage one of these properties, you know how hard it can be to keep everything looking great. Common areas get used 24/7 and elevators are often difficult to maintain. Walkways and hallways also need love. Paintbox’s Keep-It-Up program is designed for apartments and condo buildings to ensure they remain looking perfect all year round.

Besides the Keep-It-Up program, Paintbox offers residential painting for homes. We will update your home’s exterior and interior with our line of eco-friendly paint products that won’t harm your lungs or the environment. We work within your budget and can recommended design schemes and colour palates that would work nicely with your existing furniture. We also remove and/or apply wallpaper, stain decks and guarantee that we will not leave a mess. Our team of paint professionals always clean up after they’ve completed the work!

Let us update your Scarborough home or building and make your property look better than ever.


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