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Residential & Commercial Painting Services Richmond Hill

Find Elite Painting Services in Richmond Hill with Paintbox Inc.

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to those living in one of Southern Ontario’s hidden gems, Richmond Hill.

The town of Richmond Hill is located just a short drive north of Toronto, and has become a growing residential community of nearly 200,000 residents. The thriving town also features several notable head offices, including Rogers and BMW Canada. Also popular are the area’s summer park concerts and the David Dunlap Observatory that houses the largest reflector telescope in Canada.

Richmond Hill breed’s excellence as it is where many professional athletes, novelists, performers and educators were born and raised. The area offers an exceptional school system and ample greenery where children can play and enjoy the outdoors. These widely accessible greenspaces offer recreational activities for kids and adults alike. Finding a place to walk or take a hike is no problem in the town, owing to its more than 166 parks and upwards of 500 hectares of beautiful, natural scenery. Keeping things green and picturesque is a priority in Richmond Hill, and local residents can even adopt an area in residential parks to plant bulbs and keep the scenic beauty thriving.

At Paintbox we also believe that being green is very important. The air we breathe is constantly being threatened by harmful chemicals that can come from just about anywhere; even your walls. If your home has not been updated in the last three or four decades, there is a large possibility that the paint on your walls contains lead. We will remove your old paint and replace it with one of our eco-friendly products to ensure your walls are clean, green and beautiful!

Painbox’s selection of eco-friendly paints come in all colours and shades, and we keep up with the latest design trends to help clients find the perfect palates for their space. Besides residential painting, we are commercial painting contractors that can brighten up your office or retail store. We will be accommodating to your schedule so that your employees aren’t subjected to our team at work while they’re trying to work. When we’ve finished transforming your space, we will put all furniture back in its place and make sure your floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. We do not leave a mess, but we will leave your rooms in excellent shape.

If you live in one of Richmond Hill’s many gorgeous homes, let Paintbox take care of all your painting needs.


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