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Residential & Commercial Painting Services Oakville

Oakville Painting Services from Paintbox Inc.

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to those living in one of Ontario’s most picturesque communities, Oakville.

Known as one of the prettiest towns in southern Ontario is Oakville, a large suburban-style community that lies west of Toronto. Oakville is an old community established back in 1827, which has since grown into a major town. It continues to respect its tradition as a grouping of small communities, and has designated more than a dozen unique neighbourhoods in the municipal area.

Oakville is by no means a sleepy town. Yes, Oakville is known for its tree-lined streets but it is its cultural festivals, including the annual jazz fest, that really show off its flair. There are festivals happening year-round in Oakville that have something for all walks of life. Besides the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival, the Oakville Family Ribfest, the For the Love of the Arts Festival, the Waterfront Festival and Midnight Madness keep the town running at full steam and on full stomachs!

When they’re not enjoying succulent ribs or smooth saxophone stylings, Oakville denizens know how important it is to treat their home with care. They value their properties and want them to look their best, especially when it comes to painting. Your home is one of your most important assets and it should be treated as such. Scheduling regular maintenance is important and that includes a new paint job to freshen up the premises.

Paintbox is here to give the homes of Oakville a paint upgrade. Depending on how old your home is, you may be in dire need of a new paint job. Older homes tend to have lead-based paint dressing their walls. We offer a complete line of eco-friendly products that will revitalize your walls and make them look fresh. Our environmentally sound paints and primers come in all the latest colours and shades and will not harm the atmosphere.

Oakville has many greenspaces. Parks, trails and a picturesque waterfront are all found in town, which means that the air outside and inside of your home is of equal importance. Paintbox cares about the environment, which is why we provide our clients with green options for their homes. We want to preserve our planet and the lush greenery Oakville has to offer. By using eco-friendly paints, it’s our way of letting you, the client, know that we care about your home and the vegetation around it.


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