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Residential & Commercial Painting Services North York

Custom and Quality Painting Services in North York

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to those living in one of Toronto’s largest and most dynamic neighbourhoods, North York.

North York is a large community nestled at Toronto’s northerly base. Boasting approximately 650,000 people, this community mixes urban and suburban lifestyles to cater to every resident’s need. Before becoming a part of Toronto, North York was a township that went from rural community to urbanized environment in a matter of decades. The area is known for hosting some of the richest enclaves in Toronto, including The Bridle Path and Willowdale. It is a highly multicultural area where people from all ethnic backgrounds live, work and play.

North York is also possesses an amazing mixture of land, combining its history and look as a freestanding municipality with its recent development as a thriving neighbourhood in the megacity known as Toronto. It has both the big-city features of the recent condo boom, residential family homes, shopping, fine dining, recreational centres and many parks and green spaces.

There are a number of attractions that that make North York stand out, the most impressive being an urban ski centre, one of only a few in Canada. In order to keep your home as a standout property on your street, maintaining a level of exterior excellence is important. With Paintbox, you’ll have access to a team of skilled, professional painters who can transform your home’s exterior from drab to fab. Besides exterior painting, we offer interior design and colour updates that can turn any room into your favourite room. We clean up after ourselves and will not damage your furniture during the painting process.

At Paintbox, we value quality over quantity. No matter how many rooms you wish to have updated, we will work within your budget to ensure no space is left unpainted, and we strive to meet your needs as best we can. We also offer deck staining, commercial painting, wallpaper removal and application, as well as a maintenance program to keep your home looking great year-round.

Our maintenance program is perfect for apartment owners and managers, too. This program keeps your common areas looking sharp with fresh paint once, twice or even three time yearly – it’s up to you!

North York residents care about keeping their homes beautiful and at their best. Luckily for North Yorkers, so does Paintbox. If you manage a building or simply want to manage your home’s look, we have your paint and design solution.


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