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Residential & Commercial Painting Services Mississauga

Quality Professional Painting in Mississauga

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to residents of one of Ontario’s most vibrant and important cities, Mississauga.

One of the fast growing municipal areas in the country, Mississauga is a city that sits on the western border of Toronto, boasting a population of more than 700,000. A recent urban area that only became a town some 45 years ago, Mississauga is now the third-biggest city on the Great Lakes by population, and has a long history of being a destination for those who came to Canada from afar. It’s also now known as a major centre of corporate offices, with more than 60 top global companies holding offices there.

Mississauga is so much more than one of Southern Ontario’s most important and thriving places. It’s also an incredibly energetic and dynamic area with different ethnicities making up the city’s tremendous population. This is owing to Mississauga being one of the most open and accepting cities in the country, opening its arms to a diverse population drawing from all parts of the globe.

Since the population is so diverse, the cuisine in Mississauga is a venerable mish-mash of everything from traditional Canadian fare to South Asian eats to Latin American delights.

If you’ve recently purchased a home in Mississauga, the previous owners could have left its walls in a state of mish-mash, or even worse, a state of miss-match. The colour schemes could be passé. There may be unwanted wallpaper covering the walls, cracks and holes – anything and everything you don’t want to find in your new home. Paintbox specializes in home updates and we will patch holes, fix cracks, remove old paint and wallpaper (or apply wallpaper, depending on your preference), and repaint your walls to suit your tastes. We can perform these tasks before you move in or afterwards. We are flexible and work within your timeframe to ensure our painting process doesn’t interfere with your everyday home life.

Mississauga is also home to many proudly maintained houses – cared for by residents who understand the importance of quality when it comes to the areas of the home. We understand that painting cannot always be done alone, and we offer our services to those who want everything from their entire house painted, inside and out, to those who only want their deck stained. Paintbox is a one-stop-shop for all Mississaugans whether you’ve owned your home for decades or just purchased your dream house.


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