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Residential & Commercial Painting Services Etobicoke

Home and Commercial Painting in Etobicoke

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to those living in one of Toronto’s prized neighbourhoods, the west-end section of the city called Etobicoke.

Making up Toronto’s west end is the thriving community of Etobicoke, which became a part of the City of Toronto only a short time ago. In 1998, the City of Toronto welcomed Etobicoke with open arms, and that’s the same treatment you want for your home. A new coat of paint can open up a room. It can enhance your furniture, create an accent space and even cultivate a certain mood. No matter what you want for your space, Paintbox offers quality service and stylish home updates that make every room brighter and better.

Once you cross the Humber River, you’re in Etobicoke, a growing municipal area featuring some 350,000 residents and no shortage of character, owing to its roots in the early 19th century. Now, it’s known as the location of popular Humber College and the site of many fast-growing high-rise towers. Even if you live in one of the many newly constructed towers that offer a beautiful river-view, you may want more than traditional, stark white walls. Paintbox can help you discover the perfect palates to match your furniture. Or if you’ve recently purchased a condo unit, we can paint it before you even move in, leaving you in a stress free state as you settle in your new home.

Etobicoke is also a fast-growing neighbourhood that is accommodating to those just starting out. You can see it in the lovingly maintained bungalow-style houses that line the residential part of the area’s streets. Etobicoke is a thriving family neighbourhood with a longstanding sense of value where kids can play outside in the streets. It’s a safe community where everyone is friendly and everyone is welcome.

The city is not lacking when it comes to natural beauty, offering the wonderful James Gardens located along the Humber River. The Gardens are one of the must-see spots in Etobicoke, and a big hit with newlyweds going to have their wedding photos taken.

At Paintbox, we believe in is the union of impeccable paint jobs with excellent customer service. As one of the GTA’s premier paint and design companies, we offer both to ensure you’re happy with us and with your paint job. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


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