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Residential & Commercial Painting Services Beaches/Leslieville/East York

Professional Painting Services in East York

Paintbox is pleased to offer our eco-friendly services in custom home painting and décor to residents of some of Toronto’s finest east-end neighbourhoods: East York, the Beaches and Leslieville.

These popular areas are continuously growing communities in Toronto’s east end. East York was a former municipality that bordered Toronto on the Don River. The Beaches (also known as simply ‘The Beach’) is a small neighbourhood south of East York that grew up around the popular Queen Street East stretch. Also located along that stretch is Leslieville, a thriving neighbourhood that has its roots as a small village that was built during the middle of the 19th century. East York is a popular area for residential housing, while The Beaches have their namesake sandy stretch and Leslieville is a thriving hub for shopping and dining.

The residents of these three communities pride themselves on their active population. Co-ed hockey teams for all ages, soccer, baseball, figure skating, bowling, skateboarding, curling, and swimming – if it keeps you busy and fit, you can find it in here.

Demographics are shifting in The Beaches, East York and Leslieville as the residential demographic is continually become younger. Families with children have become attracted to the affordable housing and safe neighbourhoods in the area. Additionally, all three neighbourhoods offer easy access to Toronto via TTC as well as easily navigable streets, making East York, Leslieville and The Beaches perfect bedroom communities for those who work downtown.

One thing all three neighbourhoods have in common is an undeniable sense of quality. Going on a drive through these noted eastern areas reveal houses that are well cared for no matter who lives inside them. Since residents are getting younger, they want their homes to match their lifestyles. Parents wish for their kids to grow up in a house that they can one day call their own. These homes are becoming family heirlooms that need to be well-preserved.

The perfect way to aesthetically preserve your home so it stays in attractive for your children is through a new coat of paint. Paintbox knows the importance of giving your house its best, and offers the finest quality service available. Whether you’re looking to update one room or your entire house, our paint professionals will give your home the perfect burst of colour and style. We offer a maintenance program for upkeep to ensure your home stays in perfect condition for years to come.

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