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Wallpaper Removal & Installation Services

Is wallpaper going out of style? Should I add wallpaper to my bedroom? Is wallpaper tacky? I live in an older home and the wallpaper seems dated, what should I do? There is one wall in my office that I think could benefit from some wallpaper.

Wallpaper Installation & Removal ServicesThe wallpaper debate is an old one that keeps going. Fortunately, this debate continues to rage on without concrete answers. At Paintbox we feel that it’s up to you on whether or not you want your existing wallpaper removed. We also feel that if you’ve lived a wallpaperless life and want to cross over to the other side and put up wallpaper, that’s fine too. Whether you are for or against wallpaper, we have just the thing for you: Wallpaper removal and installation.

Wallpaper has actually been around for centuries. When people in the 1700s were fed up of hanging tapestries on their walls as they had done since the Middle Ages, wallpaper was created. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that North Americans really began to embrace the idea of covering every inch of their walls in decorative paper. Nowadays it is the homeowner’s choice.

If you are considering removing old wallpaper to give your rooms new life or if you wish to add wallpaper to your home, Paintbox welcomes the task! Our paint and design professionals are experts in wallpaper removal and installation.

The removal of wallpaper can have many benefits

  • It can revitalize a room
  • Wallpaperless walls can often appear sleeker and cleaner
  • Painted walls can make a room look larger and more modern
  • Sometimes it’s hard to match furniture to wallpaper designs, but with neatly painted walls coordination of colour is facilitated

On the other hand installing wallpaper also has its benefits

  • Wallpaper patterns are not as gaudy as they once were and are now available in hundreds of classic and subtle designs and hues
  • It can enhance smaller rooms by using wallpaper that has smooth graphics and clean lines on its pattern
  • You don’t have to wallpaper every wall, but create an accent space that anchors a room and drives the focus to a certain piece of furniture or area

Our wallpaper removal and installation process will not damage your wall. We operate carefully and with precision because we want to improve the state of your walls! Any current wallpaper is carefully removed and all flaws and cracks that were hidden by it are sealed and corrected.

If new wallpaper is being put up, Paintbox will apply a sealer. This ensures that a bond forms between the wallpaper glue and the wall. Without the use of a sealer, there is a good chance the new wallpaper will not stay put and will begin to peel.

For the instances when we are simply removing wallpaper, once it has been taken off and the wall’s surface is smoothed and every hole patched, the area will be primed. Finally, your wall will be finished and painted in the colour of your choice.


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