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Home Remodeling & Renovation Services

Sometimes you walk into a room in your house and sigh. The walls look drab, making the room seem uninviting. It’s been years since you’ve updated this space. You’ve looked on the internet for inspiration and you’ve come up with new design ideas to give your room a makeover.

Remodeling And Renovations

Whether you’ve bought new furniture and need a new coat of paint to match or just want to freshen up an existing room’s colour motif, Paintbox can help with all your remodolling and renovations. Our team of paint professionals will work wonders in any room of your house, transforming it into the space you’ve always wanted.

Painting is one of the more cost-effective updates you can make to your home. Freshly painted rooms appear clean and open. Painting can also create new value for your home. Potential buyers will be more inclined to purchase your place if it looks cared-for and renewed. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your property, it’s never a bad idea to increase its value since your home is one of your biggest assets. By letting our team of paint and design professionals take care of your painting needs, you can sit back and allow us to renovate your space and add curb-appeal to the outside of your home as well as value to the inside.

Besides freshening the look of your home, there are many other reasons to have Paintbox assume your remodelling and renovation duties.


Remodeling And Renovations - 1If you are looking for a change but don’t want to do anything too drastic to your home; painting is a less-costly and safe option. Adding a new addition to your home is pricey and will probably leave you without a place to live while these dramatic renovations are taking place. Painting a room ads comfort because you’re not radically changing your house. It also creates an air of additional space. An incredible paint job can open up a room, making it look bigger.


Maintenance and Repair

Remodeling can also mean fixing cracks and holes in your walls. We offer drywall and plaster repair that will leave your walls looking like new. Oftentimes the cracks in our walls are so minute that they are barely noticeable. However, if they are left unattended for too long, they can grow and create serious damage. A quick remodel from Paintbox and those cracks won’t stand a chance.

Exterior Modernization

The outside of your home may need updating, and there’s nothing more effective than a modern coat of paint. We can brighten up your home’s outside with painted window sashes or your porch, and can even stain your deck. Paintbox will craft a balanced look between the top and bottom of your home that will highlight every detail.



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