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Plaster and Drywall Repair Services

Drywall Repair ServicesYour walls matter. Sometimes a new coat of paint will cure them, other times it’s something more. At Paintbox, we know a thing or two about walls. Actually, we know more than a thing or two about walls. We know everything about walls because we are paint and design professionals that specialize in interior and exterior home, office and building updates.

Your walls may be in desperate need of major repairs. Depending on your home’s age, you may have plaster walls. While more modern homes will usually have drywall structures, both materials require upkeep to leave your walls feeling fresh and strong. Our team of pros will work diligently to give your walls the care they need to nurse them back to great health. Plaster and drywall repair is best left up to professionals like us!

Homes that were built 40 or so years ago probably feature interiors that consist of plaster finishes. We will analyze your space and see if the area requires a small-to-moderate patch job or a full plaster base coat. Plaster repairs should be done by skilled workers who have experience in this field.

For newer homes, drywall is usually the material of choice. In order to repair drywall, the process is slightly less complicated than what plaster mending entails. However, it should also be done by a professional. Our team will repair existing drywall, add new drywall to areas in need, and leave your walls smoother than ever. A smooth wall is a happy wall, and a ready-to-be-painted wall.

For both drywall and plaster repair, if wallpaper removal is needed, our team will take care of the elimination. The process of wallpaper removal is done carefully and no damage to your wall will ensue. Additionally, if wallpaper is to be reapplied after the repair process is complete, we will use a sealer to make sure the wallpaper glue bonds to the surface. If the surface is to be painted, we will skim coat and sand it smooth for the new paint surface.

With our plaster and drywall repair services, you are guaranteed quality craftsmanship and results that far exceed expectations. Let Paintbox keep your walls in good health.


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