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One Day Painting Service

Your daughter is getting married in the backyard and you noticed that the trim around your house is in dire need of new paint. The wedding is in a week and you can’t spend time painting. What do you do?

You’re hosting a dinner party for your boss next week and you realize your dining room walls need to be updated. Do you grab a paintbrush and risk doing a poor job?

What if you’re preparing a room for a new baby who’s due in a few days and decide that the colour scheme is isn’t right? Do you paint over the walls yourself?

What happens when you buy new furniture and realize that it doesn’t match your living room walls as soon as you get home from the store? Are you going to return the furniture, or have the walls redone?

So many scenarios can arise where you need a fresh paint job ASAP. Instead of worrying about how to get it done on your own, let us do it for you in a timely manner! For those occasions that require a paint job completed in a short period of time, Paintbox is flexible.

Before attempting any work, we will discuss your requirements. If you have a tight timeframe and the extent of the work is such that it can be completed in a short period of time, one-day painting is readily available. If your walls are in good condition and don’t need additional work, having one of our paint professionals spend a day updating the colour is the perfect option.

While our competitors don’t advertise this fact, we are upfront with meeting our customers’ wants and what is required to make them happen. There are certain factors that can make even the smallest job take longer than one day. If you encounter any of these factors, you may be better suited for one of Paintbox’s other paint offerings. For example, work required for wall preparation may include repairing drywall. This coupled with painting could take more than a day.

Additionally, certain paint colours such as reds and yellows will need multiple coats and extended drying time between applications. Likewise when painting light colours over dark colours, multiple coats may be required. Finally, weather conditions could affect drying times for outdoor paint. However, we will always work within your budget and never compromise our quality of service!


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