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Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Professional Kitchen Cabinet PaintersSometimes we overlook certain areas of our kitchens. We polish the stove, make sure the fridge doesn’t emit bizarre odours, take out the trash and scrub the floors. What about our cabinets? Your kitchen cabinets may look structurally sound, but are they actually in good shape? Perhaps their paint is chipping and they look dull. They may need a facelift even if they don’t squeak when you open and close them.

Instead of shelling out major dollars to purchase new cabinets, Paintbox will paint and update your existing cabinets making them look good as new.

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets – or any room in your house we are working on – our preparation is one of the most important aspects of the job. For us, it’s all in the prep. We have a 5 Step Process that touches all bases. We will discuss this planning procedure with you before updating your cabinets, so you can rest assured knowing your kitchen will not be harmed before, during and after Paintbox does what we do best: paint.

Our 5 Step Process includes everything from set-up to inspection. If the proper amount of preparation is not followed through, the paint on your kitchen cabinets won’t look as good or last as long as it should. These factors alone are a reminder that when it comes to painting, it’s best left up to the professionals! Additionally, our prep includes scraping and repairing any cracks or dents, and sanding and priming surfaces to ready them for painting.

Your kitchen cabinets may have old lead-based paint or coating on them. We will use modern and eco-friendly options to turn your cabinets from dull to full of colour. The Paintbox team of professional painters will work closely with you to choose a colour that reflects and matches the current look and scheme of your kitchen. Your cabinets will add an entirely new style element to your space once our Paintbox crew has treated them!

There are many benefits to having your kitchen cabinets updated. They will not only look better, but they will make your kitchen look great as well. You don’t have to go for fancy and expensive kitchen renovations when something as simple as a cabinet paint revamp is enough to brighten, modernize and create a stunning look in the room where you spend a good portion of your time cooking delicious meals.

Paintbox works within your budget and guarantees an exquisite finished product every time. We are one of the GTA’s best paint and design companies because we’re willing to tackle everything from your entire home to your kitchen cabinets. Why buy new cabinets when we’ll spruce up your old ones and make them perfect?


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