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Keep-It-Up Maintenance Painting Program

How do you ensure the lobby of your apartment building looks great in between paint jobs? How can your walls maintain their level of excellence for years to come? How can you keep up that fresh paint look without taking a paintbrush and painting everything yourself?

With just a small annual investment, you can keep the common areas in your buildings looking great at all times. Our Keep-It-Up maintenance program offers building owners and managers a chance to let their tenants know they care. Through regular paint and maintenance we will ensure that hallways, walkways, lobbies and more feel like home to all those who enter.

The Keep-It-Up program is especially designed for the interiors of apartments, condos, retail stores and restaurants as a hassle-free way of preserving a fresh look. There is no effort required on your part because our team of paint specialists take care of everything. The inside of your building or property will look good as new – if not better – once we’re done with it. Your tenants will love coming home and stepping into a beautiful lobby that although it’s not really new, will look like it was just built.

This maintenance program involves small, incremental projects that are essential to keeping your building’s interior looking fresh. Sometimes it’s easy to let the little things go because you figure they are not important to the building’s overall aesthetic. A little chipped paint in the lobby, some cracks in the hallway walls, the trim near the wall’s base is looking drab – these are what really pull an area together and should be maintained along with the rest of the building.

We will meet with you for an initial review of the space and access what areas require work and in what order the work will be done. Based on the scope of work involved, a schedule will be implemented to perform minor repairs (if needed), and we’ll begin painting. Minor repairs are considered anything from patching holes and cracks in the drywall, to sanding, to repairing plaster.

Paintbox will send a professional painter to work on your premises once yearly or periodically depending on what your building’s needs are. One of our paint authorities can perform maintenance every three to six months on high traffic areas such as hallways, or with more frequency depending on the level of damage the area accrues. Some areas will only require upkeep once per year because they experienced less damage.

The Keep-It-Up program allows you to keep your common areas well maintained. Before any of your tenants notice damages, have everything repaired and painted with Paintbox’s maintenance plan. With this program as part of your annual maintenance budget, it’s easy to keep your property looking great throughout the year.


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