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Hire A Painter-For-A-Day

Time is something that we never seem to have enough of. We’re always rushing out the door when we notice that the paint in our hallway is chipping. It’s only when we’re running late that we see that our bedroom needs updating. We make a mental note to take care of these problems at a later date, but before we know it a year has gone by and we’re still staring at the same cracks in our walls. Time may not be on your side, but when you take advantage of Paintbox’s Painter-For-A-Day program, you can have all those little problems fixed before you know it.

This special program is designed for those small jobs that you may never get around to doing. Maybe the paint in your bathroom needs a facelift? Perhaps the colour scheme in your office is dated and you want something fresh? Jobs like these may not be a high priority on your list of pending home improvements, but after a while they start to add up. When you hire a Painter-For-A-Day you get unbeatable service and you don’t have to worry about working on those smaller jobs.

The Painter-For-A-Day plan is done by a professional painter in a single day. The nature of the work varies, but typically the following jobs are in play:

  • Painting your bathroom
  • Painting your kitchen
  • Painting trims around your home
  • Painting doors and doorframes in high traffic rooms
  • Performing minor wall repair such as filling holes and cracks
  • Painting sections of baseboards and closets

We also service apartment buildings and small complexes and offer lobby and elevator painting.

When you hire a Painter-For-A-Day, one of our skilled painters arrives with the materials and tools necessary to complete the job at hand. The painter takes care of everything from preparation, repair and clean up. If the job requires it, we will supply caulking, taping and sanding materials. Although we can supply everything needed, we welcome customers to provide us with products they like, as well! If there is a product you have used in the past and would like us to employ it, we are happy to oblige.

How Much Does the Painter-For-A-Day Program Cost?

Our day painter is available for a standard eight-hour shift. The fixed price (labour only) for the  Painter-For-A-Day program is $425.00 + HST. Additional time is charged at our standard rate of $72.50/hr + HST. This program is flexible and can be combined for up to three consecutive days for $1,275 + HST. Paint material is extra, the cost of which varies depending on your selection of material. Larger jobs that fall outside of the Painter-For-A-Day plan will be quoted separately.

This program is an ideal companion to our Keep-It-Up plan. For example, if you have already budgeted a certain amount for small-job maintenance, the Keep-It-Up program allows you to spread it out over the course of a year.

Normal business hours apply and we do not send our painters to your home prior to an inspection. You will be required to move materials such as rugs and window treatments. For larger work, we will move everything out of the way.


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