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Deck Staining Services

Deck Staining ServicesWood is one of those materials that with a little work can look elegant and timeless. Over time, wood, especially that used to make up your deck, can appear worn and faded. Elements like the sun can cause your deck to weather and suffer damage from constant exposure to UV-light. Besides harm from the sun, mould and mildew can build up on your deck, leaving it less than healthy and in need of a makeover.

If your deck needs a pick-me-up, Paintbox offers deck staining. Our team will transform your old deck into a gorgeous new space.

Deck staining can be done on wood of all ages. It refurbishes old weathered boards and gives new wood a fresh kick. The stains we use are manufactured to protect wood and revitalize it. Through specialized pigments in the stains, the wood is transformed, making it appear new and helping it stand up to the elements.

Deck Staining Services - 1You may not know the last time your deck was stained – if it was stained at all. Wood that is unprotected will become grey and crack. If your deck still appears in good condition and is not grey or cracked, that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from staining! Pour a glass of water on the wood and if the water starts to bead, it means your deck stain is still intact. If the water soaks into the wood, call the experts at Paintbox to stain your deck. Wood that soaks up water will only continue to deteriorate.

We will bring a pressure washer to your home to give your deck a comprehensive cleaning, removing mildew, mould and other fungal accumulations. If your deck is not cleansed before the staining process begins, it will not fully absorb the stain. If your deck has old staining on it, a good sanding may also be in order to prepare the surface.

Once your deck is dry after it’s thorough cleaning (roughly 24 hours), the real magic happens. The customer may choose a brightener to help the restoration process. Then, the brightener is rinsed off before the first coat of stain is applied to your deck. Depending on the age and condition of your deck, multiple coats of stain may be required.

The number one reason deck stains do not last as long as they should is because the wood surface is not prepped properly. Even a high-quality deck stain will not be effective in its protection if the wood has not been prepped with a thorough washing and cleaning.

Some people go overboard with staining and do it once or twice a year. With Paintbox, this won’t be necessary! After you’ve had your deck properly prepared and stained by Paintbox you will be able to enjoy its vibrant colour for years.

Deck Staining Services - 2Whether you’re looking to stain a newly installed deck, or you want to give new life to an old one, contact the experts at Paintbox Inc. today!


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