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Apartment Painting ContractorsIn order to fully maintain an apartment complex, you have to ensure the lobby, stairwells, elevators and common areas are well cared for. As an apartment manager or landlord, you probably do not have the time or resources to take care of painting these common spaces yourself. How do you keep your building looking great without wasting energy that could be better spent elsewhere?

Paintbox offers the perfect solution. We are skilled apartment painting contractors that go the extra mile to give your building that freshly painted appearance.

When you’re showing the building to potential tenants, you want everything to look updated and clean. Additionally, you don’t want your existing tenants to be turned off by drab walls in an unkempt lobby. After Paintbox updates your building, your vacant units will rent faster and your tenants will feel like they’re home from the moment they walk into your building!

We provide a full range of eco-friendly paints that won’t harm the air inside the building. Your residents will not be impacted by fumes and odours usually associated with painting and repairs, because our goal is to beautify your building.

We source our products from the best paint manufacturers in the industry to give you the highest quality products from paint to stains. Instead of just painting your lobby and going on our way, we will also repair any cracks and damage to your walls. Our job isn’t done until the interior of your building looks as good as new!

Paintbox works within your parameters and we respect that tenants will be coming and going throughout the day and night. Because of this, we work in a timely manner to ensure the maintenance is performed without disturbing the building’s residents. Our team of paint and design professionals understand that common areas that experience high traffic, such as hallways, need to remain open and functional throughout the painting period.

After you’ve used our services once, we guarantee you’ll be impressed and want to take part in our quality maintenance plan. Our Keep-It-Up program is perfect to help you keep those common areas stay looking sharp at all times. This hassle-free upkeep program gives you the option of having one of Paintbox’s specialists sent to your property to perform minor repair and painting to areas that are in need of restoration. Depending on the work that needs to be done, you can have a specialist come to your apartment complex anywhere from every three months to once a year in order to maintain your building’s common spaces.

There are many apartment painting contractors that operate within the GTA, but with Paintbox you’re getting a well-respected entity comprised of the some of the best design and paint professionals in the industry! Our services extend beyond just painting apartments across the Greater Toronto Area. Paintbox brings a fresh look to any space, taking it from old to bold. Let us update your apartment complex and watch your current and future tenants marvel at their home!


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