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Eco-Friendly Painting Services

Our love of painting comes through tenfold in every job we take. However, we don’t just love painting, we love nature, too. At Paintbox, we believe that your home’s beauty should not come at the expense of the environment. Air quality within your home is equally as important as the air quality outside of it!

Paint may come in a rainbow of hues and tints, but the only colour that really matters is green. It’s easy to notice the difference between the eco-friendly paints we use and conventional products. Conventional paints are made of a myriad of chemicals and gases that are harmful to the environment. Unlike conventional paints, eco-friendly paints emit little-to-no toxins into the atmosphere, as they are not composed of dangerous materials that can wound the environment.

The problem is, conventional paint looks great due to its creamy appearance. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. The creaminess of conventional paint is due to a blend of plasticizers, adhesives, pigments, hardeners, biocides, solvents, drying accelerators and other harmful products. Together these materials band together to form VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds. After conventional paint is applied, these VOCs spring into action and attack our air, and when used outside, VOCs mate with existing airborne pollutants to create smog and poor breathing conditions.

When used inside, VOCs can harm our health by contributing to respiratory and metabolic illnesses – the most common one being headaches. If getting chronic headaches in your own house isn’t enough to convince you to switch to eco-friendly paints, hopefully this fact will: Conventional paints can continue to emit trace portions of VOCs for more than a year after they’ve been applied!

Paintbox offers a full range of sustainable environmentally friendly paints, varnishes and stains for the inside and outside of your home. A common misconception about paint products is that the ecologically sound options will fade faster than other products. Luckily for those with a green mind, this is simply not true. The paint products we use are durable and offer the same scope as conventional paint! Environmentally friendly paints come in the same variety of colours and hues as conventional paints and offer the same sheen. The only difference is our paints do not cause chronic headaches for you or the atmosphere.

According to Environment Canada, in 2005, it was estimated that 51 kilotonnes of VOCs were emitted from architectural coatings (paint, stains, varnishes and lacquers). Because of this factor, the Government of Canada is working to protect our health and the environment by introducing regulations that are aimed to reformulate products to contain lower levels of VOCs; thus, reducing VOC emissions by approximately 28% annually. Lower VOCs translate to better health for Canadians.

Our customers are encouraged to choose from a collection of superior paint products that feature zero or very low VOC. These products are generally 100% acrylic and meet or exceed LEED’s environmental standards.

If you’re not familiar with eco-friendly paint, you may have some questions. See our FAQ below to better understand the difference that environmentally friendly paint can make!

What is considered low VOC?

Conventional paints contain hundreds of grams of VOCs per litre. Conversely, paints that contain less than 5 grams per litre of VOCs are considered ZERO VOC. Paints that contain low VOC have less than 50 grams per litre.

What is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a rating system that is internationally acknowledged to mark excellence in green building. The Canada Green Building Council has adopted this system since 2002.

Can Paintbox paint the exterior of my home with eco-friendly paints?

Yes, we can! The eco-paint we use has the same durability as conventional products. The paint will not wash away after a rainstorm or deteriorate in the sun.

What about using eco-paint in high-humidity areas?

Kitchens, bathrooms, sunrooms and other high-humidity rooms can absolutely be painted using environmentally friendly products. Just because a type of paint is good for the environment doesn’t meant it won’t perform as well as conventional paints in areas where the humidity is elevated. Some eco brands even perform better!

I have a newborn, should I be worried about having my house painted?

We use eco-friendly products, so there is no cause for concern. There are no harmful fumes emitted from our line of paints, letting you and your newborn breathe easy.

What’s the deal with eco-friendly primer?

Primer is used as a base coat and is applied before surfaces like wood, metal and canvas are painted so that the finished coat bonds better. If the surface you want painted warrants it, Paintbox offers an eco-friendly selection of primers. A bonus of eco-friendly primers: they can also be used as a topcoat.

Can metal and/or vinyl be painted with environmentally sound products?

Absolutely! There are numerous products made of ecologically beneficial materials that can be used on metal and/or vinyl surfaces.

I want to paint over a surface that already has been painted with oil. Will eco-friendly paint work?

Paintbox will prepare and treat the surface prior to painting over it with eco paint. Oil painted surfaces may be greasy and our team will need to sand them first before applying an eco-friendly primer and finish coat(s).

What eco-friendly products do you recommend for my home?

We offer a variety of products, the selection of which will suit both your building and your budget! All the products Paintbox uses meet minimal MPI standards.

At Paintbox we are passionate about the environment. We offer products that will leave your home looking beautiful and inviting without sacrificing the quality of the air inside and outside.


We love nature too!

We at Paintbox don’t think a home’s beauty should come at the expense of the environment. We believe that the air quality within your home is as important as the air quality outside, and that is why we offer…

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