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Home Staging Painting Services

Home Staging PaintingIf you’re looking to sell your home, staging is an important part of the process.

Staging is a proven tool that shows potential buyers how much of a gem your home is. It gives them a snapshot into the home’s beauty and gives them a little nudge that says, “Buy this home. You’ll love it here.”

Before you start scrambling to get rid of your outdated furniture, moving large items around in an awkward Feng shui formation, and removing your teenager’s boy band posters from their bedroom walls, think about the simplest, yet most effective way to update your house: by painting. A great way to maximize your home’s sale price and give it a boost of freshness is a new coat of paint.

Paintbox will help with the staging process by giving your home the paint job it needs to make it pop. Fresh paint makes any space look clean and cared for. Besides painting, our team of professional design and paint specialists will patch damaged walls and remove any marks uncovered when old paint is removed. We can remove or install wallpaper and recommend colour palates that match every space in your home.

Don’t neglect the outside. Paintbox’s paint professionals will transform your home’s exterior from the drab house on the street to the most inviting and welcoming house on the block. A new exterior paint job can work wonders by adding curb-appeal and upping your home’s sale price. Furthermore, we can contribute to your home’s outdoor charm by staining your deck.

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your home. Our dedicated team of paint pros will help your home appear lived-in yet sophisticated. A fresh coat of paint maximizes your space, adds a hint of colour and can even make your rooms appear larger than they are.

If you are already working with a realtor or designer, we will gladly work with them to make the staging process as smooth as possible – as smooth as your walls after we finish improving them. Similarly, we employ colour consultants that can guide you through every step of the colour selection process if you’re having trouble deciding which tones and hues work best to increase your home’s market value. Our team is flexible, qualified and always works within your budget. We’ve been at this since 1991 and our continuous positive reviews are a testament to our hard work.

Let Paintbox help with the staging process and give your home the extra kick it needs. A freshly painted house lets potential buyers know just how special your home is. It gives them a sense that when they move in, the house is ready for them to enjoy without any effort.


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