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Home Painting Services: Move-Ins

Home Painting ServicesMoving in can be a stressful time. There are vans or trucks to rent and movers to hire or friends offering to help. The deck may be in shambles and require staining. The porch could be dull and need a colour pick me up. These are all things that will run through your mind in the weeks leading up to moving day. Before you pull your hair out trying to coordinate everything, there’s one more thing to consider: painting!

An empty house offers great options when it comes to painting. Think about the walls. Are they perfect? Chances are, if the Paintbox team hasn’t been to your new home yet, they’re not. Perfect walls are freshly painted walls. Instead of dragging all your furniture into the house and then painting, why not do it before you move in?

You can paint everything yourself, but if you’ve never undertaken a task like this before, you’re likely in for more work than you planned. When you work with the Paintbox team of professional paint and design experts, we take care of everything from preparation to clean up. All you have to worry about is moving in.

Benefits of Painting Before Moving In

  • Less expensive
  • Consumes less time (no furniture to move out of the way)
  • Helps you see the space better
  • Easier to visualize exactly where your stuff will go

When you can move freely about a room without worrying about furniture, painting is a breeze. There are no couches to put back, artwork to re-hang or spaces to avoid. Our team will complete the project swiftly, leaving your walls looking incredible.

If you’re planning on purchasing all new furniture for your move, even better! Selecting new accouterments, furniture and accents will be a delightful experience because after our team has finished painting, you’ll have a great idea of what to buy to fill the space.

Paintbox’s Style

When we paint your home, we don’t just grab a paintbrush and make a few strokes. We repair your walls before the painting process even begins. We can remove old paint and tend to plaster or drywall that needs fixing. Any holes, cracks and defects will be taken care of. We can remove old wallpaper or add new wallpaper. We can even paint your new home’s exterior and stain your deck.

An empty house is a house of possibilities. Paintbox will turn your new house into a home before you even set foot in it. Moving in may be hectic, but at least the painting aspect will be taken care of. Don’t spend moving day with a paintbrush in hand. Spend moving day admiring the freshly painted walls in your beautiful new home!


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