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Commercial Painting Contractors

You look up at the ceiling of your store and notice there are cracks. You shift your focus to the walls and see the paint is peeling and hasn’t been updated since you opened your business. A fresh coat of paint will brighten up and transform your store, impressing your customers. You think you’ll pick up a can of paint and some brushes at the hardware store and get to work. Do you have tools to sand and repair drywall? Do you even have time to paint and run a business? While the intentions of giving your location a rejuvenated look are great, actually executing the task is harder, more time consuming and more frustrating than you might expect.

Commercial Painting Contractors

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If you have a large-scale paint project that needs to be completed quickly and without disrupting your workday, Paintbox has you covered! Besides offering residential painting services, we are commercial painting contractors that can transform large facilities, shops, public spaces, places of worship, offices and more into the perfect stylish environment for you and your employees to work in.

Paintbox has the equipment necessary for big jobs, and our team has a great reputation for finishing the task without disturbing the area in which we’re working. We can work within tight schedules and if your business is open during the day, we will paint at night. If you you’re open 24 hours and need to close for painting, we will work efficiently and fast so your customers aren’t without your services for longer than necessary.

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Commercial painting contractors are accustomed to working fast in conditions that are less than ideal for painting. For example, office buildings are often in the need for an updated look. In order to complete a job of this magnitude, furniture needs to be moved and computers covered. Also, painting will have to be done after the office closes and before it opens again the next day. Paintbox will adhere to a strict time limit and work within your budget to make sure that your office not only gets painted, but all desks and materials are put back in place before your employees come in to start their workday.

Regardless of the current state the building is in, our team of skilled professionals will come equipped with the necessary tools for the job. Many factors can contribute to cracked, worn, faded or otherwise unappealing walls, which is why we always fix any underlying issues with the wall before applying eco-friendly paint.

Commercial painting contractors are ideal for jobs that require more manpower than a residential paint endeavor. Residential painting contractors aren’t needed in numbers to paint your bedroom. In most cases, one or two painters will get the job done smoothly and in record time. For larger jobs where more than two individuals are needed to complete the work, you need right amount of manpower, which we here at Paintbox Inc. are happy to supply!

For more information on our commercial painting options, visit our Commercial Services Division, Spectra Painting & Finishes, or contact our team today!


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