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16 Sep

Paint Storage


Every homeowner has it… it’s a collection of old paint cans. But, do you know what you have? Is it any good at all?


It’s almost impossible to rely on one’s memory… trying to remember what paint goes to which room. Looking inside the can does not help – as paint is stored it begins to settle and the elements in the paint will separate.


Without proper storage and labeling, one might never know what is stored. If the paint you originally used is unidentifiable, a quick touch-up may not be so quick.


To avoid such frustrations, here are some helpful tips.


  1. Have your store label your paint can and date it


When you purchase paint, ask for the store to place a sticker on the lid of the can indicating the store you purchased it, the product code, color name and formula used to create the color. If they also apply a small paint sample on the lid, it would also serve as a very helpful quick reference at a future date. This will assist in purchasing a new can if needed. Be aware that paint brands and sheen finishes are not interchangeable and the variance will show on your walls.


  1. Seal the paint can properly


Proper paint storage is highly dependent on how a can is sealed after use. Full cans of paint store better than cans that have been used because of air seepage. Once the paint is exposed to air, the lifespan of the paint will begin to diminish. For best practice, seal or reseal the can of paint using a rubber hammer to ensure that each side of the lid is properly engaged in the groove of the can. The lid should appear flush with the can when properly sealed. As a general rule of thumb, cans that have been opened and resealed typically last 1-2 years. Full cans of paint that have yet to be opened can last much longer.


  1. Store paint in temperature controlled environment


Extreme temperatures will impact your paint, especially in Canadian winter freezing temperatures. Paint must be stored in a temperature controlled environment such as a basement, but away from a furnace or other heat source.


  1. Recycle


Previously used paint will not last longer than 1 to 2 years. After this period clean out your old paint cans and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.


At Paintbox, we strive to provide you with the most updated, relevant information that will make your painting experience a successful one. At your home, we make a point to inventory the paint we used for your future reference. Call our team today at (416) 516-0466 and learn more about how we can help you with your painting needs.

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