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10 Aug

Our First PAINT-ology Blog Post


This is our first blog, so let me first tell you something about us and why we are blogging …

We are two brothers who own and operate a professional painting contracting company in business since 1991. We are good at it. This is all we do to earn a living – provide quality services throughout Toronto and the sprawling GTA.

Although we have had a web presence for many years, we never had a blog. Recently, we have come to realize that it would not be too much added work to pass on and to share with all our customers painting matters that we encounter on our job sites. We have always been big with the need to communicate with our customers both on-site and off on all matters relating to their project. We are now just taking that to another dimension – a web blog!

I am sure you all have heard this before – an informed customer is the best customer. We believe it to be true. It’s that simple.

We have coined the name of our blog to “paint-ology”. The suffix -ology, derived from the Greek suffix -λογια (-logia), has come to mean the “study of ______” or the “science of ______”. I am sure that this coined name is not very unique, and that “paint-ology” may sound a little corny, but it really focuses on our objective – a blog to inform and educate our customers on anything to do with paint, whether it’s on their house, their business or their place of worship. Topics could include anything from colour selection to selection of paint products to correction of specific paint problems.

How we will use this blog will likely evolve over time. There is no grand master plan as such. Right now, we just want to share our thoughts: one or two blogs a month, not much more. Perhaps, customers can provide feedback and offer topics. We are open to ideas.

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