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Our Process

Professional Painting Company
Paintbox Inc. has developed a tried, tested and true 5 Step Process to transform your space from drab to dramatic. Before each can of paint is even opened, we will have already begun our preparation to ensure the area being updated is protected.

The sign of a true painting professional is apparent before the first stroke of paint hits the wall. We will protect your floors and furniture, create smooth walls through sanding, seal stains and scuff marks, patch holes and prime the area so they absorb paint in a uniform fashion. Our work is flawless, impactful and what sets us apart from other design professionals is the preparation – that’s where the real difference lies. We care and it shows.

Our time-tested 5 Step Process offers our clients’ spaces more than protection. It also gives them peace of mind knowing their furniture, floors and walls will not incur damages.

1. Set-up

Professional Painting Company-1The paint professional you’re working with will carefully move your furniture and accessories to the centre of the room. We do this to keep them away from the walls. They will further be protected by plastic sheeting that acts as a cover to shield your belongings from damage.

2. Prepare

Professional Painting Company - 2Your walls will be equipped for the painting process in four major ways: We will fill any cracks found on them; we will seal any stains; we will patch any holes; we will sand your walls to achieve a smooth surface, ripe for painting.

3. Paint

Professional Painting Company - 3Before painting, we will prime the newly repaired areas of your walls. Then, we will apply premium quality paint, giving your walls an immaculate finish.

4. Clean

Professional Painting Company - 4After we’ve painted, it’s time for the cleanup to begin. All furniture is returned to its rightful place. If so contracted, your floors and carpets will be swept and vacuumed. Any refuse like dirty plastic sheeting, paint chippings and any other waste will be removed from your home. Additionally, paint leftover for touch-ups will be clearly labeled and left for you. We’ll never leave you with a mess!

5. Inspect

Professional Painting Company - 5No job is complete without a full inspection. Our paint professionals will perform a quality review check leaving no area unscrutinized. Additionally, we encourage our clients to inspect our work too and of course we love watching them marvel at our paint mastery.

Professional Painting Company - 6Our 5 Step Process has proven so successful that we at Paintbox wouldn’t approach a job in any other manner. Because we are so confident in our work, we even ask that our customers rate us honestly on Facebook! Feedback is always welcome and encouraged because we’re confident that we’ve done the job well. We may be painters by trade, but we are smile-makers by design.


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