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MPI Standards


When it comes to your home, you deserve the best. It’s where you sleep, eat and raise your family. It’s your sanctuary and you should feel good walking from room to room, knowing the paint on your walls meets MPI standards.

You may not be familiar with MPI and how important it is to use paint products that meet their standards, but it makes a large difference to your home’s finish.

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What is MPI?

The MPI is the Master Painters Institute, and it’s been in existence since 1885 (although it was then called the Master House Painters Association of the United States and Canada). This association strives to ensure that paint professionals like us at Paintbox remain committed to the highest standards in the paint and design industry. The MPI works to educate painting professionals and to make sure everyone operates at the same level of excellence. Furthermore, their constant evaluation of paint products through lab testing and performance-based assessments ensures that the paint we use in your space is the industry’s best.

Over the years, the Master Painters Institute has become the benchmark for certifying paint products. They also work with architects and designers to make sure everyone in the design and painting industry is on the same page. Through an intricate categorization structure, the MPI created guide specifications and documentation to support their standards. Everything from paint to primers to topcoats and stains is tested, ranked and, if deemed acceptable, the product receives a place on the MPI’s biannual Approved Products List. This list is highly regarded by architects and corporate design firms. Many products that are sold in big box stores have not been tested for MPI standards.

The Master Painters Institute acts as quality control throughout the industry, and we proudly adhere to their principles. For our custom interior and exterior jobs, we only use paint products that meet MPI standards because painting isn’t just about colouring a few walls. Painting is about transforming your house into a home. Painting is about giving your rooms new design elements that create a unique balance between inspiration and nurture. Whether it’s your kitchen, office with 1,000 employees, waiting room of your practice, or the outside of your cottage, Paintbox will only use the MPI sanctioned products to make you feel welcome whenever you enter your space.

Your vision will guide us through the paint process. Even if your vision is a tiny thought bouncing around in your head, we will work with you to ensure it’s brought to life exactly the way you want it. As for colour, if you’re unsure as to what works and what doesn’t, we offer a Colour Consultation Service to help you discover the perfect palates and schemes for your space.

Our years spent as paint and design professionals led us to cultivate strong relationships with Benjamin Moore, Dulux PPG, and Sherwin Williams. Paintbox is a proud supplier of products from these three paint juggernauts.


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